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- rare public post - [05 Apr 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Ling and Hakim on a Mission to Give jenducky the "Perfect Blessings"
jenducky - *edited* Forget what I wrote earlier. Hakim tells me the best I can do now is be good. Be Good. -.- Other than that, I must wish you and your boyfriend a happy ending and live together in Never Never Land and you two look like a ideal couple even though I have no freaking idea how he looks like, just that he's 4 years older and 20cm taller.

Ermm, no that sucks.

jenducky - Sharon. Hakim and I think you and your boyfriend who is 20cm taller and 4 years older are a ideal couple. May two of you end wiith a happy ending and be happy.

No. Not ending. I can't wish her to breakup, right?

jenducky - Sharon. Hakim and I think you and your boyfriend are a ideal couple. Just that in case he does anything insulting to you, feel free to tell me and I shall fry his dangly genitals.

Ehh. No reference to his genitals then.

jenducky - Sharon. Hakim and I hope for the best for you. No matter what you do, we'll always be supportive even if you type like a retard like Haiyan. In any case that your boyfriend betrays/cheats/adulterates/lies/fools you, we'll always be there with a bucket of kerosene oil and a lighter. Ok. :]

Eh. That was the best we could come out with, without sounding really mean and sarcastic. Just minus the kerosene oil and lighter part and it'll be great.

- - - - -

annanutella - let's go watch something after your literature script :D!

Another day passed by today. =( Life is changing so fast, I'm behind it, crawling at my own pace. How terrible it is - for people, whom you've known since young to suddenly grow up and leave.

All RVS - We've gotten another silver for our choir this year! *claps*

But how difficult it is - for people to /grow up/ and just, change to someone whom they never were once. Can we reflect upon those memories of our childhood, and perhaps return to whom we once were? Will we remain the same - just like that - just like our new, different selves? Have we lost our past forever?

it wasn't easy

[04 Feb 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | invaded ]

I'm thinking of locking this LiveJournal up. I know people I know in offline are actually reading this. I'm so sick of trying not to reveal too much. I'm not going to reveal my public blog except for those who ask - people whom I don't even know who reads often ask me questions like, "How did you do this?" blah and stuff when offline and it is distressing enough. It's so hard to make this journal friends-only but this is the only thing I can do before things hush down and well, I might stop making it friends-only someday.
For now, I want you, the goddamn offline disser to hush yourself away. It's so irritating that now I have to behave the way you want me to be and type my entries as if I'm some kinda stork. I hate it when people judge me in my entries, and worst, when they know about my personal life and how they've been asking me about it. I feel invaded.

For the offline friends: Ask me for the public link <33

I've been looking in the mirror for so long.
That I've come to believe my soul's on the other side.
All the little pieces falling, shatter.
Shards of me, Too sharp to put back together.
Too small to matter, but big enough to cut me -
Into so many little pieces.
If I try to touch her,
And I bleed,
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe no more.

- Breathe no More (Evanescence)
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[03 Feb 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | tired. sleepy. exhausted. ]

Busy day in school.

Had a disagreement with some guy called Qing Hao. The class chairman wanted us to 'get the hell out of the classroom' except for those who are during their duty roster thing. Then since the spiral on the fan just above Serene's table has fallen off, me and Fizzy decided to take the broom and use it to poke it up the fan - neither of us are actually tall enough to do it without brooms.
Then Qing Hao was supposed to be sweeping or something snatched the broom from Fizzy, claiming he wanted to sweep :
Ling: BUT, Miss Wong says we're to do the decorations as Soon as Possible.
Qing Hao: I want do my duty lah
Ling: NANDHINI! Who's right?
Nandhini: Qing Hao, let LiYing do her decorations quickly. The judging day is today.
Qing Hao: FIIINE! *throws broom*
In the end :
Chairman: Nandhini! Let Qing Hao do his duty!
Ling: Then when do I put my spiral?
Chairman: Later!
Ling: When is 'Later'?
Chairman: After recess! After class!
Ling: We're going to the laboratory after recess. Would you bother to open up the classroom for us after class?
Chairman: Get the (censored) out of the classroom
Ling: FINE! *runs out*

I still can't believe how irresponsible our chairman is anyway. Which reminds me of Esther and Nandhini's choice of pink and purple for those tissue-like papers as borders for the message boards. What's with that? Esther claims it's ugly and we're like "hey, you chose it"
Then now it's like "hey, this and this is ugly. take it down! this and that is also ugly! that that down!" - much of an irritation, me, Serene, Yun Theng, Fizzy, Nandhini, Eddie and several others stripped down everything in the backwall. We spent hours making all this kinda stuff, and they say it's ugly. We tell them to stay back and help and voice out some opinions, they refuse. Hypocritical.

After our IT studies (in when the earlier entry was posted), immediately went to the canteen to get a quick bite with Nandhini. Had some kinda sandwich with cheese and mushrooms (mm!)

After that, I rushed on to 1/1E where my English Enrichment (don't ask me why it's called 'enrichment' when it's actually a speech class) takes place. Had a bore of 1 hour. A real waste of time. What's up with the RSS administration anyway? Who would be needing speech lessons? We can talk (duh). And the teacher doesn't like me (=9!) judging by the way she keeps glaring at me when she thought I wasn't noticing. All's fair. I have no interest in what she teachers but that doesn't me I don't like her or anything. I just have no interst *shrugs*

After the damn thing, some of us (Fizzy, Elizabeth, Mindy, etc.) gathered back at class to discuss about the new theme (Winter!) -.- However a teacher shoo-ed us out. *pfft* Then we all gathered in the canteen, talked about what we want, shooting out ideas. It's one of the very few unity that we have, the others are just too disorganized, disoriented and just don't care. If you intend not to help and yet you whine about everything, don't you think it's a bit hard on Us?

Then went to the library with Elizabeth and Mindy and met a friends of theirs - Samuel or something. Or was it Sam? *confused* Joked and joked and joked. -.- I'm sleepy.

it wasn't easy

[03 Feb 2005|01:23pm]
Updating from school computer lab.

I'm bored =P
it wasn't easy

[02 Feb 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Today's Horoscope! (cos I was very bored)
Why be afraid of initimacy? Open up already. You're a pro.
You'll be quite busy with group ventures, and loving every minute of it. Speaking of love, someone who's a member of one of these groups -- someone exotic, exciting and entirely different -- could catch your attention. Oh, and actually hold it.

Ready for some serious romance? You'd better be -- and from an unexpected venue, too. Someone you've thought of as nothing but a friend for possibly even years is about to hint that they'd like to change that.

Note to Self: Avoid all suspicious looking 'objects' especially people whom you would really not like to fall for.

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[02 Feb 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Anna: By submitting this Abuse Report about Aliya, the hi5 Customer Support team will review this profile for violations of hi5 guidelines and policies.
Please report your specific concern in further detail
Anna: Please report your specific concern in further detail:
she is kiling cat cat. oh my ggod

Anna: If you have an emergency, please call us immediately at 6287 5355 ext. 9.

(in another conversation)
Hakim: wat emergency?
Ling: squashin' cats =:]!

(few minutes later)
Ling: did you report abuse anyway?
Anna: yes
Ling: O.O
Ling: "she is killing cat cat. oh my ggod" ?!

it wasn't easy

[02 Feb 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Random Site: http://www.fuckvday.com/
Made me laughed. <3
cut?Collapse )

"Can’t say exactly what it was
She’s not the usual type
She wore a cowboy hat
With her red Prada boots
And a Gwen Stefani smile
Then she pulled out a pen and surprised me when
She wrote her number on my hand
Then she was gone,
But from now on
I’m gonna be a different man"
- "Best Day of my Life" - Jesse McCartney

it wasn't easy

social interchange [02 Feb 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | curious. confused. wondering. ]

I think I need to make more new friends. There's like, 100+ contacts on my list and I talk to only the 16 of them. Seriously. Maybe I'm more shy (more like, anti-social) then I like to think about myself. The reason that I don't talk to the other 90's because I find absolutely nothing to talk to them about. Either that or I seriously don't like you.
Like, say, Rocket - we talked to the dozen all the time last year. After his computer crapped out, we seriously drifted away and all I know is that he still likes wearing black (only) when he goes out. That's the most I know.

Just made this little poll thing of my MSN messenger and :
People I Talk To : 20
People Whom I Avoid : 18
People Whom I Like But Can't Find Anything to Talk About : 55

Eh. And no, I didn't add any of them (except for people whom I bother to talk to) in the first place. Most of the time, people add me and I have absolutely nothing to talk to them about. Well. Except when they need a favour from me. *pfft*

21 (1 more - kannimaki!) on my friendster - 1 of whom I would really like to delete, seeing how he insults me. 1 which probably hates me now but is a really nice person. 3 from my current class. 7 from my school. 8 which I really <33.

Oh. And did I mention Alicia Keys make goood music? :]! Might go get her album soon =9

it wasn't easy

[02 Feb 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | restless ]

RSS - Evergreen
39 - 0 !!

Bleh! 39! 0! I'm proud of RSS :] This little remark is made specially for that Evergreen girl who insulted us. (HI! If you're reading this, insult me with your childish retorts, no? )
The preliminary rounds for the Singapore Secondary School debate's was on.. like yesterday? Against Fuhua and we got in round 2. :D! *claps*

friendster shitsCollapse )

Gah. I'm so tired of myself replying to childish and people who can't even type proper english. Type l1ke t1$ if it pleases you, but I don't stand people who abuse the language to such vulgar and absurdity. Again, I'm sounding like a snot. Gah.

Oh yea. I've been meaning to mention this, but after band practice:
Everyone: *stands up*
Everyone: Good Bye Mr Neo
Everyone: Thank You Mr Neo
Everyone: God Bless Mr Neo
*does not get the whole 'God Bless' thing*
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building castles in the air / telling stories to the sky [01 Feb 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

One more Design & Technology homework and I'm free. Cos I finished all of yesterday's assignments yesterday. <33

Had a rather funny english lesson despite the English HOD (Mrs Hilda Thong) and the Vice-Principal (Mrs Singh) coming to inspect the class. What to inspect for? If they sack off poor Mdm Tan, it's gonna piss me off cos Mdm Tan's a pregnant lady and they can't just stress her out too much.
During the lesson, we were made to make up a story - Characters, Setting, Complications, etc.
Every group was supposed to switch stories every 5 minutes - but work on a part of the story during the 5 minutes. And switch. So it's like different pieces of plots all sewn together.
My group went crappy (ok. i was the one.) and we changed everyone's stories - from a kidnapping of boys in the Midterran Sea (wtf?!) and Peter Pan coming to rescue them, we changed it into the kidnapping of boys near Singapore River and Peter Tan saving them.
Oh. And we used Singapore Idol Judges' names for our characters. *copyright!infringement!diee!*

Then since 2 of our teachers didn't come (maths and visual arts - yees!) we had to stay at the hall for 2 hours before the next class. Everyone played Truth or Dare - some kinda "celebration" for Valentine? pfft - except since it's not so fun to use Truth, so we just played around with Dare.
Except the boys were kinda pervertic when they requested me during my turn - to sit on my desk partner's leg and be like "<33!". O.O
I said no, cos well, we were sitting cross-legged and he's gonna get leg cramps with me sitting there for 10 seconds. Anyway, I didn't want to.
And Eddie was dared to 'pinch Ling' O.o Except he pretended to and I pretended I was getting pinched.

Then came D&T - blahblahblah. I think I'm gonna fail the common test for D&T. What with my grades for recent assignments - C and a C+. While looking enviously at Serene's B. pfft.

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[31 Jan 2005|11:10pm]
Felix: U can be a law student
Felix: black = white, to you
Ling: thank you thank you~
Ling: my mother used to say that when i was younger but she was least sarcastic

[/pointless post]
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[31 Jan 2005|11:05pm]
[Random Fact]
My desk partner likes obituaries.
Week #1:
Ling: o.o What are you looking at
Partner: Eh. What is this?
Ling: They make tributes. To people whom died. Their loved ones.
Partner: Oh. OK. *flips to another page*

Week #2:
Ling: o.o
Partner: LOOK! THIS GUY! He died at (age)! So young!
Ling: o.o Is that really so interesting?
Partner: LOOK! *mumbles off to himself*
[/Random Fact
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[31 Jan 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

maybe i will blog a little today. just a little

But obviously, I'm a terrible liar so I'm gonna blog yesterday and today's worth of news.

- - - - - -

Met annanutella at CWP - I was 1 hour late - a record for me, thank you very much. Immediately ran off to the MRT station and off we go to Orchard Road. Orchard is like this long stretch of road. Right after we got off the station, we found a nearby Seven Eleven - where annanutella bought her 'pure mineral water' (only the best!). Finally found a taxi stand - and being idiots, after paying our $3.50 fare - we realized Borders was just to exact opposite. *GR*
Got to Borders for 1 hour ++ and yees, I found annanutella's much coveted Van Hiesling book. Heehee. She was happy. :D I just bought a light reading material and we ran off, to Starbucks and she got her little chocolate muffin (which I ate half of -.- cos she couldn't finish).
After running in the opposite direction of the MRT, we had to stop and ask some china guy where to go -.-; How embarassing.
Finally got back, but before we were allowed a 'clean escape' some girl gave us roses o.o;; Some invitation to something. Kinda weird cos everyone in the station were looking at the roses while we were talking loudly, cos we could barely hear, with some explicit words. *hehee*
Random Fact: Roses look lovely when took with a camera and printed in black-and-white
Then watched Elektra. Which kinda sucks in a way cos it's all special effects. And how she fell in love for the leading guy after .. like, 3 days of meeting? That's stupid. The only thing I like is how cool she twirls the sword thing and throws it around. Bah.

- - - - -

Was bored to heck during lessons today. Got caught for dreaming during science. It's all facts and facts anyway. I'm getting fustratred with myself. I might pull a 'Avril Lavigne' and skate around during school hours and get drunk in school and finally be a high school dropout. But then again, I'm still young -.- And what can I be? I can't sing or do anything. And I'm not looking forward with working at McDonalds. I heard it's all greasy and stuff there.

Doing my english assignment now. Bahhhh.
it wasn't easy

flaring wars [30 Jan 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

<3 Friendster, instead of building up my so-called social life has turned a whole class against me. *pfft!*

After seeing a certain Friendster account trashing their own form teacher and our neighbouring class - 6F - and some complainers in 6F when mentioned to them, I took my chances, wrote them something :
pfft!Collapse )

I kinda feel immatured having to argue with all this.. people but then again it was a whole spur-of-the-moment thing and I couldn't help it.

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[29 Jan 2005|08:07am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Dissing someone whom I dislike a lot with jenducky makes me feel a bit happier. A bit. I'm kinda guilty of the whole gossip thing though - but, oh well - I couldn't help it. Just a bit. :]

She's a goaded load, that person. Claiming to be a christian and yet she uses the Lord's name every now and then, and uses as much naughty words as I do. *heh* Wonder what she learns in her so-called church.

I don't want to hear any personal bitching from anyone - this is my blog, my entries, and what I want to write. If you're not happy with this, you can choose to close this window and not view my blog at all. I never invited you to :D

- - - - -

I was about to start a major bitching rant about how some people can annoy me, blahblahblah, but then I figured everyone will get bored and skip this entry. *heh*

Am still on the whole going out with annanutella thing. We still can't find the bus for damn Borders. Grr. Taxis will have to do. *sulks* It will cost a bomb but that's better than getting lost, seeing how huge Orchard Road is.

Bah. After that we might go watch Elektra. Hah. We have this whole love for female-powaaar movies. But I just don't get Jennifer Garner's whole crimson corset thing. O.o;

*toddles off*
it wasn't easy

[28 Jan 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | high ]

omfg. it's lingshroom!

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[28 Jan 2005|05:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Posting testimonials about people in Friendster is a dumb thing. It doesn't help if you have a lot of enemies. -.- My vocab is failing me - the words I came up with for everyone's testimonials were : cute, funny and nice. >.<

After Visual Arts, went to the bus with Nandhini and Eddie - and took a LOT of pictures of them on my handphone. >:] And they didn't even knew! XD! Eddie was the more careful one though - when he sees me raising up the phone, he quickly shields his face. -.-
Then Nandhini started making me and Eddie play with the gross-looking kneadable eraser - yuck! :P I won by 3 matches. HEHE!
Then the bus started filling up and I had to sit with Eddie while Nandhini sat with her bag. She couldn't stand sitting next to that GreenWood kid.

Before Nandhini left for another bus - made me take some more pictures of Eddie >:]

Oh. And did I mentioned while during Truth & Dare during Visual Arts (which I did not participate - gossip is poison ;-;) - one of the girls (whoever she is) gotten Eddie as - "the cutest and most handsome boy in class"

Eddie's Reaction: (wtf?!) O.O


<3 Serene - she talked some sense into me - of my 'slavery' towards the commitee. How the class commitee never does it jobs, and how I have to do Everything even though I'm just incharge of the chinese new year decors. <3

it wasn't easy

[27 Jan 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

If you're happy and you know it -

Crack a smile!

YK just christened a mushroom after me. Lingshroom. He's TeriYaKi. :P
it wasn't easy

[27 Jan 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Am in national library now. Getting bored. >.<

Just finished the decoration shits with Fizzy and Zhen Xiang - all exhuasted. Blah. It's 3 cents per minute for this. (GR!)

I want my MSN messenger ;-;

Bah. Saw a bunch of so-called 'popular' cows from MPS. All ignored me except (removed) - I just waved to her.


it wasn't easy

[26 Jan 2005|10:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm tugging at my hair, pulling at my clothes,
I'm trying to keep my cool, I know it shows
I'm staring at my feet, My cheeks are turning red,
I'm searching for the words inside my head.

I'm feeling nervous, trying to be so perfect
'Cos I know you're worth it

If I can say what I wanna say
I say I wanna blow you away
Be with you every night

If I could see what I wanna see
I wanna see you go down on one knee
"Marry me Today"

Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say

- - - - - -

The other computer crashed so I'm back to using my old comp - with Semagic. Hehe. This was the comp in which I burned jenducky's Avril Lavigne "Let Go" CD - bahh. Can you lend me that again? Gotta burn it into a disk this time. >.<

Chinese lesson was full of crap. Other classes already proceeded to chapter 5 while we haven't even begin chapter 3 and today's 1 hour was supposed to be for catching up - but no, our temporary chinese teacher decided to talk about the 'old days' and how he was this international ping-pong champion, blahblah, his students were famous, and one got murdered, blahblah. Thank god he's only taking us until March - if we go on at this pace, we will Never catch up. >.<

After D&T (design & technology), immediately ran down to the classroom with Elizabeth, Wen Hui and Serene. Fizzy was already there waiting for us - with our Chinese New Year classroom decoration "marathon". After Nandhini got the keys from Reynard (the chairman) we all set to work - pining up stuff on the walls outside the classroom - with me, and a definte fear of heights, shaky and wobbly. Was set to pin up the welcome banner on top of the door but I was too short (;-;) and 3 shaky chairs didn't help calm me down either. So in the end Elizabeth and Nandhini pinned it up. *shrugs*

Then Nandhini and Serene went for their library meeting, they started working on the message board in the back while I started poking the decorations, sipping apple juice with Elizabeth - who climbed up a desk just to pin up a latern! Brave O.O;;! (well, compared to me and my fear of heights)

Eddie, Nandhini, Nabil and some malay guy went off at 2:15pm. Marilyn, Esther, Amanda, Nancy, Dorothy, etc. all went off for their CCAs - leaving me, Elizabeth, Fizzy and Serene. *sigh!*

Me and Fizzy were the last to leave at 4:15pm - a record for the both of us. Then we walked to CWP, went to the flea market and grabbed those chinese new year decorations (quite tacky). But it was a bargain. Got a coke each and walked through WCC, then I went off to the direction of the library while he went back home.

There's another short decoration thing again tommorow afternoon after my English Speech lesson thing. Bah. I'm tired. It's been a long day.
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